White Formula manufacture boats on behalf of many well known companies in the UK.  We also sell complete packages, some of which have been designed and developed by our in-house marine team.  For more information please click on the relevant button below.

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A single seater Tri-maran. Suitable for disabled sailors and able bodied sailors alike. Approved by Sailability UK.

The Brightlingsea One Design is a classic sailing dinghy, suitable for a crew of 2 or 3. Mostly sailed in the Cruiser Class at Club level.

The SB20 is a high performance cruiser.

White Formula UK manufacture the composite parts of this boat including the hull. 

More information is available at www.sportsboatworld.com

The Magnum is a Launch style motor boat. At just over 14 feet it has seating for 8 adults and plenty of storage. Available with a range of engines. Can be built to your specification.


SL 16

SL 5.2

Sprint 15

Dart 18

The SL 16 is a World Class Catamaran produced by White Formula on behalf of Sirena Voile in France.

It is currently the ISAF Youth Catamaran Class


The SL 5.2 is the new boat by Sirena Voile.  Used predominantly as a training boat.


The Sprint 15 is being made in the Uk for the first time in a long while.  Windsport are the UK distributor.


The Dart 18 is now being produced in the UK again. With a succesful entry to the racing circuit. Winsport are the UK distributor.






The Spitfire is a face paced high performance catamaran.

Built by White Formula on behalf of LodayWhite since its birth.


The Shadow is a face paced high performance single handed catamaran.

Built by White Formula on behalf of LodayWhite since its birth.


The Shockwave is an F18 class legal race catamaran.

Built to win. In its first year it took home a plethora of titles including the Ronde Om Texel, the biggest cat race in the world.


The Alto is two man perfomance racing dinghy.

Built by White Formula since 2010.


Breeze 6.0Breeze_6.0.html



ISO / Buzz

The Breeze 6.0 is a 6m all out action sports boat.  With more than 56 square metres of sail area.

Built by Topper International originally.

Now available to buy from

White Formula.

The Vortex is currently under going a rework.  There will be a few minor changes to the hull to accommodate a few issues that the Vortex has had over the years.

Boats will be available this year.

The Blaze Mk3 is available to buy from Cirrus Race Boats.

The new Epoxy construction has made the boat as stiff as possible, producing a great single handed race boat.


The ISO and Buzz are both being built by White Formula.

You can buy parts and boats from Stuart Bailey at Vantage Sailing



The Whisper is the Height of Catamaran design with the capability of hydro-foiling in as little as 5 Knots

National 18National_18.html
The National 18 is an RYA Class Boat. It is a three man performance dinghy, with single trapeze.