The Class has evolved a deep history, from the original clinker wooden Uffa Fox ‘Ace’ adopted in 1938, through to our latest iteration, the thoroughly exciting & modern Phil Morrison designed, two or three person, trapeze, dinghy being built by White Formula and formally launched at the 2015 Dinghy Show. The 2016 Dinghy Show will feature the newest boat from the production line with some fairly bold colours.

There are boats in the UK based from the Blackwater right up into Scotland. There is a big racing fleet in Cork, Ireland. The Royal Cork Yacht Club hosted the English Nationals with a huge fleet arriving to take part.

There are a range of boat packages to suit most budgets. A complete boat ready to sail is available from £16,995.00 inc VAT.

Order forms with optional extras are available from the National 18 Official Class Association Website.

National 18

Fast Paced Dinghy Sailing

The National 18 fleet is the most diverse looking fleet that White Formula has ever built. To date there are no two boats the same colour. There are some classic looking Grey and White boats and some more adventurous Ruby Red, Bright Pink and Electric Blue boats.

It’s got to be one of the prettiest start lines in the world.

The Buying Process couldn’t be simpler, download the order form from, select which package best suits your needs, select any additional extras and send to If you have any questions about customisation, please call us for a chat.

There is far more info on the National 18 home page

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National 18

The First Production Boat

One of the many Irish Boats

Competition Sailing in Cork